250 kW to 2,5 MW mobile generators equipped with Oil bath filters

Sonelgaz KDM Algeria Naama Arak Amguid Mobile generator Genset Desert Rotary oil bath filter Viscous oil bath filter Vortox Oil Bath Air Cleaners Exhaust line Exhaust bellows Expansion joints Reactive silencer Critical silencer Residential silencer two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engine absorptive silencer exhausts -35 dB - 25 dB Filtre à bain d’huile à barbotage GE 16V228 MTU 12V1600G20F GE 8V228 CUMMINS QSX15-G4 MTU 12V4000 MITSUBISHI S12A2-PTA S16R-PTA

SAI has delivered oil bath air filters to equip over 100 gensets with various brands of engines:

  • 7 x GE 16V228 engines
  • 54 x MTU 12V1600G20F engines
  • 16 x GE 8V228 engines
  • 4 x CUMMINS QSX15-G4 engines
  • 2 x MTU 12V4000 engines
  • 9 x MITSUBISHI S12A2-PTA engines
  • 2 x S16R-PTA engines

These mobile generators mainly owned by the National Algerian Electricity Company are dispatched on remote locations in the southern part of the country. To withstand the very difficult ambient conditions: high temperature & frequent sand storms, these trailer mounted generators are equipped with specific ventilation system including sand louvers, washable metallic filters, motorized dampers & axial fans.

On the combustion air intake, the engine above 1MW are equipped with rotary oil bath filters fitted with weather louvers upstream & secondary heavy-duty M5 efficiency filtration stage downstream. On smaller engines, SAI has supplied low pressure oil bath filters. Beside the air intake system and ventilation packages, SAI has also supplied the complete exhaust lines including piping, metal bellows & reactive silencers equipped with rain caps.