Spare Parts

Motor Fan Cartridge Filter Freudenberg GTG GTS 10 ISO 16890 EN 779:2012 ISO ePM1 80% DuraShield Hydroshield Panel Pak Dripak GT Dripak GTR AmAir Plast Amerkleen M80 Amershield DuraCel XL & XLN DuraGT HydroCel HydroGT V TurboShield GT N-hance Hydrocel Hydroshield Campulse

SAI has a 40 year experience in providing acoustic and filtration solutions to the energy sector (gas turbines, thermal engines, generators, compressors …) and to various industrial applications.

SAI has supplied equipment in hundreds of installations worldwide. An absolute priority for SAI is to maintain a high level of confidence with the customers and to assist them during the life of the original equipment.  

To maintain a high level of performance, SAI is able to provide machine-specific components or standard products identical to the original ones and to deliver spare parts and consumables necessary for the maintenance operations required by the equipment.

SAI, the right choice for the maintenance of your installation

  • Air filtration or ventilation system
  • Ventilated or not ventilated acoustic enclosures
  • Exhaust systems and chimneys
  • Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Test Benches
Heat extraction
Acoustic enclosure
Low noise fan

With efficient after-sales services:

FLT 486 Cartridge
Part number 328A7187P003
Coalescing cartridge
  • Fast and detailed technical expertise
  • Technical and commercial proposal in less than 48 hours
  • Short delivery time
  • International logistics.

Covering a large range of products.

A large selection of spare parts and consumables are available:

Pressure drop monitoring
Pressure drop transmitter
Differential pressure gauge
Filter clogging indicator

For more information, feel free to contact SAI After-Sales support. You can rely on rapid delivery of all the products you require.