Gas compressor station in Germany

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SAI has delivered in 2020 a set of auxiliary equipment on a gas compressor station in Germany. On this gas turbine, the combustion air intake filter casing and the ventilation air inlet filter casing are accessible from the same maintenance platform. The end-user who is the largest as network operator in Germany had requested a specific design:

Complete set is manufactured by 316Ti stainless steel with micro-blasting surface treatment. The electrical package is ATEX II 2G rated.

On this turnkey project, SAI has also supplied the complete air intake system including the air intake ducting & baffle-type silencers. SAI also supplied an innovative exhaust system integrating a CO Catalyst. The exhaust silencer itself that was delivered in one piece is about 45 tons!

On this project, SAI has also managed the erection on site with a local team for the complete scope of supply: combustion air intake, exhaust system, acoustic enclosure ventilation, support structure & accesses.

With over 25 years in experience, SAI has equipped over 120 gas turbines on compressor stations all over Europe and beyond. Beside this experience with OEM customers on new build project, SAI is also active with end-users to propose upgrading & retrofit of existing installations for various gas turbine models.