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SAI offers multiple support services to its customers and operating operators throughout the life of the equipment in order to guarantee operation with optimal performance

Expertise and audit on site

SAI can work with technicians and engineers on site to check how the equipment work : air filtration, silencers, ventilation systems, exhaust systems,  chimneys, acoustic enclosures, compensators … With people on site, SAI is able to establish diagnostics, acoustic measurement campaigns, technical proposals to repair equipment or to improve performance by providing different services:

  • Performance audit
  • Measurement campaign
  • Supervision services
  • Equipment commissioning.

Preventive Maintenance

Filter replacement requires a lot of hands-on work. SAI can provide its customers with experienced teams of workers and supervisors to perform a variety of maintenance services

  • Removal and destruction of used filters
  • Filter casing cleaning
  • Replacement of defective mechanical parts
  • New filters installation
  • Air intake casing inspection
  • Automatic cleaning systems inspection

Filters and spare parts supply

SAI has an after-sales service responsable for replacing used, worn or defective parts or providing spare parts. In order to guarantee optimal operation, SAI recommends using only original components.

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