Oil & gas

oil & Gas offshore platform gas turbines AGIP Yvana-K Solar Taurus 60 Exhaust system Combustion air intake filter casing

O&G industry need to solve acoustic, ventilation or filtration issues. Since its foundation, SAI has never stopped developing products and solutions to reduce noise pollution and to improve the global efficiency of the many applications by offering high performance filtration and ventilation systems.

Trough an impressive track record, SAI acquired a top class experience to implement perfect solutions to address acoustic, ventilation and filtration issues in O&G applications:

  • O&G treatment plant
  • Offshore platforms
  • LNG plants
  • Gas compression station for transportation
  • Gas compression station for storage
  • Refineries.

A complete offer for oil & gas applications

SAI designs and manufactures customized solutions in offering:

  • Acoustic enclosures and doors to attenuate the noise generated by turbines, generators, transformers, compressors, pumps and many other equipment installed in a oil & gas facilities,
  • Exhaust systems with high acoustic performance, a robust design and the selection of material to cope with gas corrosion and very high temperature,
  • Ventilation solutions with a guarantee on the airflow to maintain an acceptable temperature in onshore buildings or offshore platforms whatever outside weather conditions (temperature, humidity …) and air quality (presence of dust or sand, marine environment …)
  • Combustion air filtration for gas turbines or engines or compressors with minimal pressure drop with a guarantee on the quality of filtered air for a safe operation of the equipment installed in harsh environment such as in desert or very cold regions or offshore,
  • An extensive range of silencers including exhaust silencers, inline silencers, reactive silencers, dump tube …

Technical assistance and consultancy services to optimize solutions

Oil & gas industry has to follow many different regulations regarding environment and noise pollution inside buildings or on platforms (workers protection) and outside in populated area.

SAI is able to provide experienced engineers in acoustics to assist customers in pre-study or engineering phase. By simulation with proven models or with a measurement campaign on site, SAI is able to optimize a technical acoustic to make sure that the customer will be allowed solution operate.

With the experts in aeraulics able to produce comprehensive CFD studies to calculate the airflow rate and air circulation in the buildings, SAI pre-determines the sizing of the necessary ventilation or filtration system, providing customers with valuable information at very early stage of the project.

This expertise is the result of long and deep partnership with manufacturer shaving an international reputation and with various engineering companies delivering turnkey centralized or decentralized power plants.

On site expertise to revamp existing installations

Exhaust equipment, filtration and ventilation operate in harsh environment resulting in a decrease of their initial performance.

A site survey by experienced engineers establishing a diagnostic of the installed equipment is usually an opportunity for discussion with operators about improvement in the existing equipment or about an upgrade with an action plan in order to minimize the downtime.

Supervision services during site work

SAI is able to offer a technical assistance during the site work in order to facilitate the mounting and to assist for the commissioning of the equipment.

Our site supervisors coordinate the site works and are in permanent contact with the engineering department allowing quick response when facing any types of issues.

SAI supervisors are fully qualified with the required certifications to operate and to comply with the site safety requirement.